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Our lovely kittens usually leave their home after 14 weeks. They need this period to start eating and drinking and getting used to living with people and other pets (Socialise).

Ocicat kittens Tenzai Nikko & Tenzai Kita

About us

We are Marcus and Maud and live together with our ocicats in The Netherlands. In the summer of 2007 we started searching for a cat breed that could fit our personalities. We both were and still are fascinated with the Bengal breed, but after doing some research we came to the conclusion that the character of a Bengal was not that good of a match. After further research we discovered the Ocicat breed! The ocicat has a lot of similarities to the Bengal but with a more friendly affectionate character. The choice was made; Ocicats it was. On internet we found a lovely Ocicat that was available for rehoming. In November 2007 we took care of Kaya, a 4.5 year old repository Ocicat. From that moment on, our love for the Ocicat grew more and more. More information about our cats can be found below. In 2016 after the passing of our first love Kaya, we took Yuuna into our home. She turned out to be the start of our little cattery.

Ocicat Yuuna zit op de bank

From our love for the Ocicat came our desire to contribute to a healthy continuity (gene pool) of the beautiful Ocicat breed. That is why we decided to start breeding with Ocicats and register our Ocicat Cattery in 2017. We are a small cattery with the focus on healthy and socialised cats. Our cats grow up in a family home and are part of our lives. Our home is our cats home as well. This contributes to the socialisation process of the cats.

Our cats

Ocicat Riku

A Black-silver ocicat stud, born on november 11th. Riku, we also call him little prince because of his birth date (festive day in the south of the netherlands). A beautiful and affectionate cat. He came to us in spring 2022 as new blood.

Ocicat Ichiko

A Chocolate-silver queen born on january 11th of 2021 carries the nickname ‘Little princess’ because of her ways. Everything she does is with grace with her long legs. Posing for the camera is something she loves doing.

Ocicat Yuuna

A Cinnamon cat born on November 22nd. of 2016. This lovely furball is very social and likes to have company. She loves our friends and family, especially when they come and play with her. She loves kids, no matter their age. She also loves to fetch toys. That is why we call her a little dog sometimes.