We only have one litter Ocicat kittens per year at most. They usually leave the birth home at four months old or older. They need these four months to start eating and drinking and get used to living with people and other pets.

About us

We are Marcus and Maud and live together with our cats in Breda, The Netherlands. In the summer of 2007 we started our search for a cat breed that could fit our personalities. We both were and still are fascinated by the Bengal breed, but after doing some research we came to the conclusion that the character of a Bengal was not a good fit. After further research in other cat breeds we stumbled upon the Ocicat! The ocicat has similarities to the Bengal but has a more friendly affectionate character. The choice was made; we were looking for a Ocicat. On the internet we found a lovely Ocicat that was looking for a new home. In November 2007 we took care of Kaya, a 4.5 year old repository Ocicat. From that moment on, our love for the Ocicat only increased and decided to look for a little Oci-friend for Kaya. In 2010 Keiko came into our lives to give company to Kaya. More information on our cats can be found below.


From our love for the Ocicat came our desire to contribute to a healthy continuity (gene pool) of the beautiful Ocicat breed. That is why we decided to be na Ocicat Breeder and register our Ocicat Cattery in 2017. We are a small cattery that breed with cats no more than once a year. Our cats grow up in a family home and are part of our lives which means we don’t confine them in a seperate space. Our home is our cats home as well. This only helps the socializing process of the cats.

Our cats

Our Youngest Ocicat that we kept from Yuuna’s first kitten litter, born on 2018-03-16.
Momo is a very cute small lilac tabby molly with a fur coat that in the right light almost looks like it’s made out of silk. We sometimes refer to her like she is walking on silk socks.
She’s a very curious, relaxed, observing cat that loves getting attention. She loves sleeping together with her aunt Keiko, that is her biggest friend.

Ocicat Yuuna
Born on November 22nd. of 2016 with Cattery Maxcellent. This little critter is very social and likes to have company. She loves our friends and family, especially when they come and play with her. She loves kids, no matter their age. She also loves to fetch toys. That is why we call her a little dog sometimes. Also she doesn’t scare easily. When we vacuum the appartment then ‘Yuun’ is there first to check out where that noisy ‘thing’ is moving to.

Ocicat keiko
Currenly our oldest cat, born on July 16th of 2010  with Cattery Withywindle. Keiko is a real cuddly cat but is picky about who she likes. She has a lot of friends, but little kids, not so much. Those are scary little busy creatures in her eyes. Treats are not her thing either. What she loves most is to get attention on our large bed, and be massaged and stroked endlessly.

Ocicat kaya
We took care of Kaya late 2007. She was our first big love. Intelligent, peculiar, social and cute. Kaya was a peoples cat (she thought she was human) and loved her owners and especially treats. When there were treats to be won with playing games, Kaya was first at the scene. In May 2017 we had to put her to sleep because of her illness. Luckily she lived 14 beautiful years and we were very fortunate to be part of her life for over 8 years.